Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The snow wasn't clean
The wind had a sting
Intervals I was skiing
Just doing my thing
I was huffing in air
I thought I would die
The track was wild
And the temp was high
It was so hard to go
Those intervals were hardcore
The groomers had stayed in their house
We had to atone
For breakfast I had hard boiled eggs
So my suit was feeling tight
I thought that snow would bring me down
But I skied it right

We're at Blackjack
We're at Blackjack

Intervals in Blackjack today.  But first we drove into Rossland for breakfast and groceries.  We had a delicious breakfast at The Sunshine Cafe or something, and I stocked up on everything they don't sell in the US.  So now I have lots of maple cookies and Vector.  After skiing, we received coupons for groceries in our race bags, so we probably did things in the wrong order, but oh well.

Anyways, conditions seemed like they were going to be slush, but as we got out there things were starting to cool down.  APU told us that they had arrived to ungroomed tracks.  They assured us they had skied everything in.  Thanks guys.  The snow wanted to be icy, but wasn't quite there.  All the people skiing on it had hardened it, but also made it pretty choppy, so every once in a while skis would just go wherever they felt like.  Tough for balance.

I made it around the distance and sprint courses, then started intervals.  All things considered, the intervals went well.  It's tough in those conditions, but I feel like I made it through just fine.  And someday I'll probably race in something like that.  Maybe even within the next month...

So things are starting to firm up now.  Should be fast and possibly icy for the races.  Abrasive, fast snow...I haven't skied on that since college!

For dinner I had a huge plate of pasta.  Actually, it was a huge serving dish.  Very filling.  Since dinner, my dream home has included serving dishes instead of plates.

Just gonna put this out there, I really like this place.  If I wasn't trying to rest up between sessions so I hopefully have a good race, I'd wander around town and see what there is to do, because I feel like this could be a pretty awesome place.  Perhaps some other time.

As promised, I'm going to give you the list of songs I've based my previous titles on.  Hopefully I don't get sued, but I think parodies are protected under law, so if any lawyers come a-knocking, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Date         Title                                                  Artist
11/24/10  Folsom Prison Blues                          Johnny Cash
11/25/10  School's Out                                     Alice Cooper
11/26/10  Don't Come Around Here No More  Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
11/27/10  Barracuda                                         Heart
11/28/10  What a Wonderful World                  Louise Armstrong
11/29/10  Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)            Billy Joel
12/1/10    It's Too Late                                     Carole King
12/2/10    The Lumberjack Song                       Monty Python
12/3/10    Smells Like Teen Spirit                      Nirvana
12/4/10    Paint It Black                                    The Rolling Stones
12/5/10    Hair of the Dog                                 Nazareth
12/6/10    Back in Black                                   AC/DC
12/7/10    Escape                                             Enrique Iglesias
12/9/10    Fire Burning                                     Sean Kingston
12/10/10  Drive                                               Incubus
12/11/10  Lie, Lie, Lie                                     Serj Tankian
12/12/10  Another Brick in the Wall                 Pink Floyd
12/13/10  Paradise City                                   Guns N' Roses

I'll tell you what today's title is based on in my next update.  I guess the next logical step now is to make a mix of these songs...  If you do, I'd like a copy.

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