Thursday, December 16, 2010

Can't explain all the things you have to do to with such skill
Body's in overdrive and soul is feeling full of zeal

Mind on mute, waxed up skis
Not acute, all these things to ski

I believe all of the above
That get you to the finish from the start
How to get through the race, ask how
You ask me as you call me a clown
I believe all of the above

Okay, that is officially overthinking tomorrow's race.  It's okay, though.  As I said, my mind's on mute.  Which I guess is not okay for this blog post.

Conditions here are getting better and better.  The tracks are better, the snow is better, my skis are better.  I would say the food is better, but I didn't do the greatest job at making stuffed peppers tonight.  It could be a rough lunch tomorrow after the race.

Tomorrow starts the first race of a mini-tour.  My understanding is that they add up times from tomorrow's sprint and Saturday's 10km, then factor in time-bonuses for winners and such, and send us out in the 15km on Sunday in that order, that far back, and say the first person to the line is the winner.  Hopefully it's more fun that my last mini-tour, which was right after a 50km and during a period of me skiing and racing really poorly.  I guess we'll see over the next several days.

As for yesterday, I guess I should have posted to tell you all how excited I was to ski on klister covered again.  I love skiing on good klister.  Cleaning it isn't as much fun, but we got a heat gun in today, so that makes things a lot better.

And since you're all wondering...what was my last blog post again now that I think about it?  Oh, yeah, it was based on She's Got the Jack, by AC/DC.

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