Friday, December 31, 2010

I'm a skier, stag
And I've got my bags
Hoping when I'm on trails
I'll have good legs
I'm shipping up through Boston
I'm shipping up through Boston
I'm shipping up through Boston
And travel is a drag

Okay, so I guess I'm getting this in a few hours late.  I meant to get it in last night, but the internet here keeps dropping me.  If I sit on the couch it seems pretty good, though.

Woke up at 4am yesterday morning, and managed to make it into Boston without any real trouble.  Good weather, no real delays, and friendly people next to me on the planes.  Akeo, Ryan Scott of MSU and I got into Boston on the same flight and we milled around, waiting to be picked up.  It sounds like the coaches' flight was delayed though, because they didn't show up.  Finally, just as we were preparing to ride the airport shuttle to another terminal to try to meet up with other people, I glanced into a rental car bus and saw somebody wearing a red parka dancing excitedly.  It was Bjorn.

We threw our things into the bus and rode to the rental car place.  Turns out, our rental vans were not designed with skiers in mind, and bags did not fit well under the seats.  We thought the one van was bad.  The other is far worse.

We finally got moving, but there were a lot of stragglers, so we ended up driving around Boston and especially around the Logan Airport for quite some time.  Finally, we got everybody and started north.  Well, not everybody, but everybody who didn't have to deal with cancelled flights and actually made it in.  Somehow, those of us who did make it all got our bags though.

On our way up we stopped at a Mexican restaurant in northern Mass.  I'd had tight layovers, so I made up for not eating any hot food all day by eating a day's worth of hot food there.  The waiter couldn't believe how much I ate.

We finally made it into Wilton, where we're staying.  A bit later than I'd hoped, but for some reason I'd been thinking that we could get out of Boston by 3 or 4 and eating included make it in by 7 or 8.  That didn't happen.  But I'm here, which is what matters.

Yesterday's title is based on Bad Moon Risin' by Creedence Clearwater Revival.  Hopefully I'll get another post in later to day, because I really consider this to be yesterday's post.

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