Friday, December 24, 2010

I go to Rumford with swiftness
I go there to test my fitness
Those there will see my race grimace when the pain is severe
Humidity's sting, I'll feel on my skin
We could see a nimbus 'cause it rains a lot there

Actually, I guess I don't go to Rumford for almost a week.

It's been an interesting day.  Last night we had a few neighbors over for desserts.  This morning, I did a long skate ski.  As I was starting out, I heard my dad calling me back.  Feeling slightly perturbed by the fact that I had to turn around, I skied back.  "Glenn, I may have to go to the clinic.  I hit my head.  How does it look?"

Turns out, my dad had headed for the bathroom upon our arrival, and while climbing over a snowbank to get to the toilet, hit his head on the corner of the metal ceiling.  He was applying pressure on the wound to keep it from bleeding too much.  I took my skis off as he walked to the car.  Our neighbor just happened to be up skiing, and said hi.  I mentioned that my dad had hit his head, then remembered that she is a doctor.  I guess sometimes good relations with the neighbors pays off.

Her diagnosis was that he would be fine as long as the bleeding didn't start again.  It didn't, so I got in my long ski.  She said stitches would be good for cosmetics, but since my dad wasn't too worried (and since the cut was up in his hair), he didn't even need stitches.

Beyond that, Christmas Dinner.  My mother is Norwegian, so Christmas Dinner is on Christmas Eve.  I would tell you all about it, but the description does it no justice.  Sufficed to say, it's delicious.

Also, to the subject of my conjecturing during yesterday's blog post as to whether there would be snow in Rumford for Nationals, the organizers in Rumford posted a snow report.  Apparently they're busy making snow and have a lot of trail already covered in manmade snow.  I'm taking full credit for that report, since they obviously knew that people were worried from my blog, and no other sources, so you're welcome.  Luckily, we aren't about to run out of wheat.

Yesterday's title was based on Dazed and Confused, by Led Zeppelin

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