Monday, December 13, 2010

Take me down to Canadian counties
Where the snow is slushy
And the girls are mounties

Okay, I have seen a few women here who are not mounties.  The lady at the reception for instance.  But receptionists doesn't rhyme with much.

We finally made it into Canada.  It was a rainy, foggy drive to get to rainy, foggy Rossland.  Should be interesting racing here.  When we arrived, we started moving in and realized we didn't have anywhere great to wax.  Before I let the nesting instinct kick in too much, I dropped by the reception to see if we could get something worked out.  We did.  We got a free upgrade.  So we had to pack up all of our stuff and move to another place, this one with a garage, an extra bedroom, and just about everything else you could dream of.  Except showers that look halfway normal.  Basically there is a shower head over the jacuzzis (yes, one in each of the 4 bathrooms, and yes, there are currently only 3 of us in here.  Do the math).  No curtain or anything, just a shower head.  But anyways, this place is bigger than a lot of houses.  Apparently we're supposed to be getting a few more people later in the week, but until then there's lots of room.

On a few more technical notes, terrible internet.  The internet is bad enough that I'm not sure this blog post will go through, so if I stop posting for a while, I'm probably fine, just without internet.  Also, by popular demand, I was going to start posting what the songs I'm basing my titles off of (no, it isn't just poetry.  I'm not quite that cultured).  But the internet is bad enough that I'm going to wait until we get to somewhere with hopefully better internet before I start any such project.  If the internet was better, I'd search for internet cafes in Rossland...

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