Monday, December 6, 2010

Got it back
Passport is back
Intervals now and I have got the knack
Yes I let loose
Like a sluice
On those intervals today
I was skiing really spry
And you cannot deny
Intervals hurt but you will not die
Don't you decry
Yes, intervals will help you when you're gonna vie

Ski hard back
Run it back
Passport's back
Yes it's back
Well it's back, back
Got my passport back
Yes, my passport's back

Exciting day today.  Got my new passport in, and just in time.  Did some sweet intervals at Lindley.  Yeah, they weren't perfect, but they never are.  And it was my first interval workout in a while, so it really had been to long and I was glad to be back.  The intervals were on the new trails at Lindley, which are pretty technical, but I held it together through all the twists and turns and feel like I really got a good session in, especially given the last couple days.

Well, it's late enough that I'm going to leave you with that.  Sorry.

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