Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's too late baby
Now it's too late
To write a title with song lyrics
Had a tough day and I can say no way
So what rhymes?  Drumsticks

I should really bookmark that rhyming dictionary.

Anyways, as promised, I'll try to explain why I've been on sabbatical from the blagosphere for the past 30 hours or so.  Yesterday, I woke up to find that I had destroyed a contact lens for my left eye.  You can do that when you can't see well enough to make sure the lens made it into the contact case.  Apparently I have an incredible number of lenses for my right eye, which is unharmed, but none for my left eye.  So I've had to wear glasses, which I hate.

Later, I pulled my laundry out of the dryer.  I noticed something in my pocket, and crossing my fingers, reached in to see what it was.  I was hoping that it was something silly like a travel brochure or a forgotten blog post.  No such luck.  It was my passport.  I leave for Canada next Wednesday, and you'd be amazed what a washing machine does to a passport.  So I've been busy trying to make sure I get a new passport before that.  In the process, I locked myself out, and had to run to stay warm for almost two hours (I was hoping for a shorter run to the post office and back to try to recover from my cold).  So yeah, yesterday was a bad day.

As far as today went, things are looking up.  I should be able to get my new passport in time after jumping through a sufficient number of hoops.  And I had a pretty sweet ski today.  Started out with no kick, but then magically I received the gift of perfect kick while somehow having skis that outclassed many skate skis.  Too bad it was an easy day.  Until I felt how my body felt.  Anyways, life should be returning to as normal as things get when you're me, so unless those actually turn out to be famous last words...

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