Monday, November 29, 2010

Got me a cold I'll tell you what's more
Got it sitting on an airplane
I tell you that cold it left my throat feeling sore
It hurt even more when I was coughing
Ah, but coughing to hard can give you a heart attackackackackackack
You oughta know by now
Exaggerate: you have been keepin' track
'Cause that's all I do with my blogging

But it seems that my nose is clear
If I listen to my snout
Mama if you ask my nose, my cold's movin' out
Mmm, it's movin' out

Well, there's a few problems with me just writing that.  First, I probably just jinxed myself.  Second, I think the only person reading this blog who listens to Billy Joel is my mother.  But it seems that my cold is at least packing up in preparation for Movin' Out.  In my experience, I always feel worst in the morning, so I'll probably wake up tomorrow with a sore throat, but hopefully some day very soon I'll wake up not remembering I have  cold.

Beyond that, I went for a little run today.  Little and slow, just like the cars high school kids drive.  Oh, and my bags finally made it in.  It only took something like six days.  Just long enough for me to cave and buy new windbriefs in West Yellowstone.  I guess that should be a lesson that when you have as many pairs of windbriefs as I have accumulated over the years, leave one at home in case they loose your bags, even if you're going north of the Arctic Circle, because let's face it, West Yellowstone was much colder.  Or maybe just throw a pair in your carry-on.  Either way, people will let you borrow almost everything else you need to ski, but not too many people like sharing underwear.

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