Thursday, November 25, 2010

Well we got no bags
And we got no skiin' clothes
We ain't got no skis boots or poles
But our bags are now in the USA

What am I thankful for?  Easy.  My bags are in the same country as me.  Not in the same state, or probably time zone, but I'll settle for country at this point in time.

So today consisted of a lot of me looking for things to race in tomorrow.  Some of it was relatively easy.  Swix is my pole sponsor, so they're lending me poles from the demo here.  Same with Madshus for boots and skis.  Skis were a little more tricky since I had to go out and test a bunch of skis I'm completely unfamiliar with, but I can now pass the skis, boots, poles check.  And I managed to get a racing suit from one of the juniors in BSF who isn't racing.  Meyer family saves the day once again!

So here's to hoping my stuff get in in time for Saturday's classic race.  It would be really nice to race in my own clothes and on my own equipment.  But if not, I'm sure I can snare some classic equipment.

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