Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hurricanes and Sketchy Ghost Towns

It was a muddy workout.
I've been training hard the last few weeks.  Two days ago I did my last really hard workout before NY.  I still have hard workouts, but nothing like this one.  To make it harder, it was pouring rain and windy.  Trying to kick it in against gale force winds is tough.

Anyways, I finished out the workout well.  Today I had a long run, and I think my legs are really starting to come around.  I've been running long runs on the same road for a couple of weeks, and today I started at the sketchy ghost town.  I was a little concerned that it would be foggy when I started, because starting a long run next to a sketchy ghost town in the fog seems like a scene from a scary movie.  But the fog had lifted and everything was fine.

I feel like I should write about something other than just my training, but I'm not convinced anybody would find anything else I've been doing lately all that interesting.

Oh, in the past week, we've gotten snow and hail.  Nothing has stuck on the ground here, but up on top it looks like there's at least some snow.  I'd prefer if the snow stayed up there, at least for the next couple weeks, until after NY, but as I have no control over that (short of trying to get more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, but what can one man do?), I'm not going to worry too awful much about it.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

All the Stuff That's Happened Since My Last Post

So it's been a while since I last updated.  First, a few things for those of you who are wondering.

Apparently a bunch of us brought an intestinal parasite from World Mountain Running Championships.  But nothing about parasites makes for interesting blogs.  Especially the intestinal kind.

Also, the house now has electricity.  By which I mean it is connected to the electrical grid so I can turn lights on and fun stuff like that when it's been cloudy.  Actually, my life is almost no different.  The shower has more water pressure and the clock on the stove is right more often than twice a day.  That's really about it.  If I didn't know, I may not have even noticed.  But it will be nice to have grid power during the winter, because that can be a little tough.

As for training, it's going.  I am training and hopefully will run well in the New York Marathon.

Sadly, I think that is all that has happened worth writing about since my last post.  Getting on the grid seemed like a really big even when it happened, but basically nothing changed.