Friday, December 17, 2010


Sprinting, sprinting, who can I pursue
There's lots of people I can catch up to
I'm just happy I'm not behind by more
Hopefully fast is what is held in store

Ten k I've got your number
I need to make you mine
So for them to encumber
8-6 seconds back, time to shine
8-6 seconds back, time to shine
8-6 seconds back, time to shine
8-6 seconds back, time to shine

10k, 10k is the race for me.  And if you know me, yes, it makes me feel happy.  I guess that's enough of that.  1:26 back in the overall tour.  26 of that is my time out in the sprint (yeah, ouch) and a minute was bonus time for the winner (yeah, ouch).  As I said, time to shine.

The course stayed in really good shape today.  I started out really hard and hurt a lot as the race went on.  Luckily, it was only 1.6km of hurt, so I didn't suffer long.  Luckily, tomorrow is 10km of hurt so I can suffer long.

The course was dominated by an early hill, and then was pretty much rolly down from there.  I thought I skied a little faster than I did, but I really put it out there and I felt like my technique was good.  That said, sometimes how good I think my technique is isn't all that indicative of how good my technique actually is.  Skis should be good for tomorrow, and hopefully I can get a good race in.  10km freestyle tomorrow, 15km classic on Sunday, so I've got 25km, 8-6 seconds back, time to shine.

Oh, and the last post was based on I Believe in a Thing Called Love, by The Darkness.

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