Thursday, December 23, 2010

Been crazed and abstruse
Yes, I tell you, it's true
This winter storm caused one big hullabaloo
Snowin' up at Skyway
Rain down below
Skied lots in New England, so I'm okay, though

Colorado has over 300 days of sun every year.  Since I came back for the holidays, I haven't seen one of them.  Skied through the fog and snow today as every snowplow in the state of Colorado plowed the parking lot.  Well, not every single one.  I guess there were three plowing other parking lots I drove by on the way back.

This morning I also got in a nice run in.  Saw lots of brown grass a bit lower down.  The snow hasn't all melted at the folks' house.  It rains for a few hours, then starts snowing.  If I felt like grabbing a pair of rock skis and messing with klister, I could probably have a pretty sketchy time on the snow that's left here.  But I'll ski on enough klister in Rumford, assuming I'm actually skiing in Rumford.  Checked earlier today, and there was no snow in Rumford.  Or maybe N/A means they just didn't feel like measuring the hundreds of inches of base they have at Black Mountain, but knowing the northeast...  It's supposed to snow over the next week, but I've been to New England enough to know that could pretty easily turn into rain.  So I'll drive up a little and ski on hardwax and 5 feet of snow for another week, and cross my fingers that there's enough snow to actually ski in Rumford when I show up, because I have no intention of bringing my rollerskis to Maine.

Yesterday's post was based on Street Fighting Man, by The Rolling Stones.

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