Saturday, January 1, 2011

Drivin' through Maine
We bought propane
Wax the skis up ready
Ski through weeds
Credentials read
Stood in a line
It had in slow motion
But I am fine

Continued skiing around at Black Mountain today.  They shortened the men's sprint due to snow conditions, so now everybody is on the women's course.  Not entirely sure how much longer this snow's going to hold up.  Hopefully long enough.

Had to stand in a really long line for credentials today.  The line moved really slow because every time an alpine skier came in, they moved up to the front for lift tickets, and every credential has a picture.  Mine includes three thumbs up.  There were more thumbs, but they cropped them out.  We'll see if they follow through on checking credentials more diligently than other race sites.  If so, I guess I'll have to smile and give thumbs up or they won't recognize me.  Not that I mind at all if they don't.

Cole made it in today.  He only got in a day and a half late.  Gotta love airline delays.  While he bought groceries on the way back from skiing, we dropped by the hardware store and bought propane for the torch.  Hopefully that makes the whole klister thing easier.  We've been trying out some of the pine tar waxes, so at very least there is some chance that tomorrow will smell really, really good.

Beyond that, some ski waxing, and just preparing for what will hopefully be a good race tomorrow.  Should be fun.  I guess I'd better get my running shoes ready for the warmup, since I think they're only going to have 1.4km of skiing.

Here's a picture I took the other day.  I'll see if I can find somewhere else un-scenic to take a picture.  If so, you'll see it when I take it, but this will be hard to beat.

Yesterday's title was based on Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap by AC/DC.  And a housekeeping note (although not related to the juniors' general lack of kitchen cleanliness), the internet gets a little grumpy from time to time.  This was supposed to be posted about five hours ago.  So that's my excuse if posts are late.

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