Monday, January 10, 2011

To get back from Rumford, we had to drive then fly
For we had to get back to all the snow
And that plane ride was wild, we were 'bout to land
Refresher in case we crash land
Well we hit turbulence now and we all thought "we're done"
Well we done didn't crash but our ski bags didn't come
To badness, trip succumbs

There are a few things to know about our trip.  We fit 10 people, 9 completely full ski bags, and everybody's duffles in a 12 passenger van for a our hour drive.  Fun.  We left early because it was supposed to snow.  At the time I was thinking "perfect timing," but it turns out I forgot that it never snows in Maine.  Well, I guess it snows sometimes, but to have the luck to be there when that happens...

I sort of stole this picture from @lzfast on Twitter, but it is of the side door to our van before we left.  My bag is the middle one that says Madshus.  We had an especially good time getting in and out of the van.

Anyways, on the flight to Denver, I had the luxury of sitting right next to the toilet, which was a double win.  Not only was I well within smelling distance of the toilet, but I also had people standing over me for the entire flight as they waited in line for the bathroom.  When we were about to land the pilot came on and informed us that if we had to use the emergency exits we should leave our personal belongings on the plane.  I turned to the lady sitting next to me and said, "That's what you like to hear."  The we both tightened our seatbelts, because we all know that that will help you if you fall from 20,000ft in a glorified tube of sardines.

We landed safely and the high point of the day was watching Tony Hawk walk by as I ate a delicious burrito.  The trip into Bozeman was fairly inconsequential until we got to Bozeman.  Almost an hour after we landed, the bags finally came out on the baggage carousel.  Then, we discovered that our ski bags had remained in Boston and were just now arriving in Denver.

The bags did come in today (yeah, sorry about the lack of blogging lately), and my cold is getting better.  Also, I caught up with some old friends from college via a conference call today, which was great.  It had been way too long since I had last spoken to Jenny and Wendell, who are a couple of my best friends.

In other news, the last title was based on Mary Jane's Last Dance by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

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