Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ooh, say, hey there
Ooh, say, hey there
Ooh, say, hey there
I wore pants
I had glide
Skis were fast
I had a really, really, really good time
Turn righthand
I skied right past
I just hope it's the same snow when tomorrow arrives
Arrives, arrives, arrives, arrives
Snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow
Outright, outright, outright, outright, outright
'Cause skis might take flight
Well, not quite

I love days like today.  Well, I would have preferred a little more snow, but the conditions were awesome.  Hard, fast, maybe a little abrasive.  A little ice in a few places in the trail.

They made lots of snow at Black Mountain yesterday while people were not skiing there.  Not quite enough, but it was nice.  Not completely sure what tomorrow's course is, but it should be fun.  All the rumors I've heard involve the alpine hill.  This could be a sweet nationals anyway.  And we'd thought the lack of snow had broke Black Mountain.

Skis today were amazing.  I don't really want to go into what was on them or what the grind was or which skis they were, but I had great kick and I flew down the hills.  These were some of the best skis I've ever skied on.  The real tragedy is that I didn't get to race on them.  Hopefully I get to race on similar skis tomorrow.  Well, I'll probably be on the same skis, but hopefully they feel similar.

Beyond the ski today, I did some waxing and tried unsuccessfully not to stare at Leif's new trim.  He shaved his beard into a Martin Van Buren.  He looks like he's from UVM.

First distance race tomorrow.  Get stoked.  I know I am.  Well, at least I'm about as stoked as I tend to get for races.  I try to stay cool because I don't like getting all worked up over races.

Yesterday's title was based on Today, by Smashing Pumpkins.  I guess I almost gave that away to some of you.

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