Friday, January 14, 2011

Maybe, maybe, ain't gonna feel blue
I said maybe, you hope that this cold is through
Ah, this cold's been a bummer time
For my looks this cold ain't been cajolin'
You must be quite old to get this song

I've been taking it fairly easy the last few days after my failed attempt to jump back into training.  Oh well.  At least I'm getting healthy.  I think.

Yesterday was some light running.  It actually went really well.

Today I tested skis.  Not necessarily for the race tomorrow, but because the only time I've really skied on snow this wet was in Rumford, and there was barely enough snow to ski on the course, not to mention get really comfortable with testing.  That said, the snow here is wetter than it was in Rumford.  Somehow the temperature changed about 40 degrees in about 20 hours, so the trails appear to be melting.

The ski testing went well.  I got some good skiing in, and avoided most of the dirt that was coming through at Lindley.  It turned into a pretty busy day, but one of those busy days when you don't really accomplish anything.  But I think I'm getting healthy.

I'm not racing tomorrow.  I decided since I'm still feeling a little under the weather it was best to play it safe.  Hopefully on Sunday.

The last title was based on Hard by Rihanna.

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