Thursday, January 27, 2011

When I ski through one lap, but it's double
I'm in powder to my knee
This snow storm is fearsome
But I ski
Like something out of Loch Ness
I cannot see right in front of me
This snow storm is fearsome
But I ski
But I ski, but I ski, but I ski, but I ski
Skiing through the windstorm, but I ski

Sorry for the complete lack of blogging as of late.  Between illness in the family and all of the other things that I've gotten busy with lately, such as trying to write a book for some reason, blogging just slipped my mind.  Not to worry, everybody is going to be okay, and I should pick up the blogging again.  I apologize for my absence.

So, since my last post, what have I done.  I did indeed race the classic race that MSU put on.  It was raining and just tough conditions out there, but that race is not what this title was about.  All my races lately have been in tough conditions.

Anyways, I probably went with the wrong kick in that race, and while I had great skis up the hills, I didn't have the best skis going down.  A couple guys put in very strong races, and in the end, dropped me going up the last lap.  Congratulations to Miles Havlick on a great finish for the win.

Shortly after I came back to Colorado.  As I said, there is an illness in the family.  I've been getting in good training and continued my streak of races in conditions not fit for man nor beast at the Governor's Cup.  A storm blew in the morning of the race, and while the roads weren't that bad, apparently some people didn't get that memo so the traffic was.  I eventually got to the race just in time to grab my bib and start warming up.  The wind was howling and the snow was falling, and the groomers were having a really tough time keeping up with it, so the start was delayed.

I went out pretty hard because they had a premium at the halfway point, and while the course started out really good, the wind soon had done it's work.  There were points when I could barely see where the trail went.  At another time, while passing a few skiers from the 15km, I skied off the groomed trail because I couldn't tell which side of the course we were on.

In the end, I won the race, in part due to skis that didn't act like it was tough conditions.  They were really fast.  I love Madshus skis on days like that.  Also, I was very happy I brought some PowerBar out with me, because in the end, it felt like quite a bit longer than a 30km race so the extra feeds were very welcome.

Well, I'll try to get back into the habit of posting daily.  That was just bad.

Oh, and the last title was based on Babe I'm Gonna Leave You by Led Zeppelin.

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