Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ran my warmup, not too nice
I'm not izzard
Old elocution of z, need a blizzard
If I skied I would collide
I predict
Hope tight timing not awry
Oh, no, three ticks
Oh, no, three ticks
Oh, no, three ticks
Just dropped my pole, not spry
Oh, no, three ticks

Made the start alright, though, so no worries.  Won't cut it that close again.

There were some really good parts of today's race, and some not so good parts.  My warmup was good, I feel like my technique was good, and I seemed to really put it out there.  I felt good.  My kick was kind of lacking, though.  If it hadn't been for that, however, I would have been on track for a great distance race I felt like.

I did cut it really close for making my start.  I meant to cut it close to make sure I got a really good warmup, but not that close.  I was putting on my poles with three seconds before my start.

Warmup and cooldown today consisted entirely of running.  My only skiing was during the race.  It went surprisingly well.  I'm pretty excited about that fact.

After the race, we had to wait for people who made the rounds, so it was kind of a long day.  As a team, we'd hoped for a bit better results than we got today, but we've got a few distance races coming up.

As for when, where, and how we will do those distance races, that should be interesting.  I've heard all sorts of crazy rumors about loops we might be skiing, maybe delaying races, and all that stuff.  They'll figure it out by the time we race, so I don't feel like I really have to worry about it.

It was really nice to see a few of my old college friends out there today, both those that were skiing and those who have moved on with their lives and become more or less functional members of society.

Yesterday's title was based on Casey Jones, by The Grateful Dead.

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