Saturday, January 8, 2011

I grew up in a Colorado town
Had all kinds of snow for when I would ski around
But I been out East, I lived through that rite
I done skied through lots of slop and I'm told I got frostbite

Well I came down here and the snow wasn't clean
My skis have done been flayed, I see less white than green
There wasn't no snow so the course wasn't provin'
I was sick for the races but my health is improvin'
So I run on

Last night in Rumford, Maine
Drive to Boston on the lane
Feels like winter's creepin' in
And I'm tired of this town again

Leaving for Bozeman tomorrow morning.  It's finally snowing here.  Perfect timing to mess up our travel plans.  It's like somebody's laughing at us.

I didn't head out for the races today.  I'm trying to get over this cold, and hopefully I'm starting to.  Hopefully I don't get everybody on my plane sick.  But I really think it's getting better.  It's getting better all the time.

Well, the bags are packed and I'm ready to go
Heading off to somewhere where there is snow
(that little rhyme isn't based on a song, though)

By the way, yesterday's title was based on Love Shack, by the B52s.

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