Friday, January 7, 2011

I woke up late this morning, nose feeling like Exxon Valdez
New group in the room of snacks, of snacks yeah, yeah
A bunch of our group travelled away
Leave for the land of snowy days
Headin' for the land of snowy days
Nose is filled with nar
Head feels big as a whale
Everybody moved in the room of snacks
They moved into the room where food is quite plenty
I hardly care because my nose is runny

Room of snacks, if I close my mouth, no air
I'm under the weather
I hack maybe, I hack maybe
I hack, I leave the snacks
I hack, I leave the snacks

Some of the juniors left for Bozeman this morning with Dragan.  I'm not leaving until Sunday, because I'd been planning on racing tomorrow.  That's not happening.  My plan of racing hard enough that whatever is living in me decided to move somewhere less miserable than me didn't work.  Now I'm miserable and it doesn't want to leave.  I hate sadistic bacteria.

No training today.  I'm trying to get this to leave me, so hopefully not putting undue stresses on my body works.  Great time to get sick, eh?

Yesterday's title was based on Ten Years Gone, by Led Zeppelin.

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