Saturday, June 8, 2013

No Witty Title Today

Sorry about the delay since my race 6 days ago before I got this blog post up.  I've done a lot of traveling since then and been very busy, but those are just excuses.

Speaking of excuses, the Rock 'N' Roll San Diego Half Marathon was what Frank Shorter would call a "no excuses day."  I'm not the biggest fan of this label, because it carries with it a brother nobody talks about, "excuses days."  I'd prefer to call it "a day when you should run a fast time," but that doesn't sound as good, so I digress.

Anyways, the weather was perfect, the course was downhill, and all of the other things that people talk about with southern California.  Except traffic and crazy people.  I thought there were crazy people when the Kenyans went out at the pace they did, but it turned out the winner was with them and even splitted for the third fastest half marathon ever.  That's how fast of a day it was.

Back to the crazy pace at the start.  For the first 100m, I thought the Kenyans were just being a little overzealous about not getting tangled up.  Then, they kept going, and I thought I'd see a lot of them before long when people started blowing up.  Then we reached the mile mark, and I could no longer read the clock on the lead car.  Then they became little specks on the horizon.  Actually, the specks were the guys they had dropped, but I didn't know that.  Then we never saw them again.

In the meantime, on the backdrop of a record setting day, I managed a measly 20 second(ish) pr of 1:06:06.  Given that my previous pr was from the windy city (by which I mean Dallas) when nobody wanted to do anything about the slow pace, I had hoped to do a bit more, but complaining about a pr is really looking a gift horse in the...actually, given that this saying comes from The Iliad, and that if the Trojans had perhaps examined said gift horse a little bit more things would not have gone so poorly, that saying doesn't make sense.  Anyways, in the words of Joe Walsh "I can't complain, but sometimes I still do."

Next stop: Duluth.

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