Sunday, April 29, 2012

So it's been a while.  I figured writing about rest after a marathon wasn't very interesting, and nothing more needed to be said about Boston.  But I'm working back into the training, so maybe I can say something interesting now...

My next big races coming up are mountain races for quite a while.  Likewise, I'm doing more training on the hills than I was earlier this year.  This actually works pretty well for marathon training too, I think, because this gives me a good, long period of lots of strength, and running more on trails means I can run more with less chance of injury.  There is the risk of taking a fall, like I did on Friday, but my fall Friday was because of a loose shoelace, barely bruised at all, and on some of the flattest, easiest running I did that day.  Frankly, I keep telling myself that I'm too afraid to fall on the really hard stuff.  The thing with the shoelace really drove home that I need to listen to my mother.  She came along because she really wanted to see the trail that I was running on, and warned me about the shoelace before I started.  I think every time I don't listen to my mother when she says something about training, something goes terribly wrong.  Granted, she was an Olympian for Norway in Nordic skiing in 1980, so she knows a thing or two.  The sad part about my mother coming to see the trail was that she was too afraid of heights to actually make it far enough on the trail to see much more than the parking lot.

I ran 18 miles today.  I was really pleased with myself, because I went out at a pretty decent pace, and negative splitted the run.  I also finished building a greenhouse from scratch today, and given my lack of carpentry skills, I'm very pleased with it.  By which I mean, it is still standing.

Also, it looks like I got into the New York City Marathon, so hopefully that goes well.  But I've got some time before that, so I'm probably better off thinking more about having a great summer of mountain races and less about Manhattan.