Saturday, April 7, 2012

Apologies for the extended time since I've updated.  Given that my every day life seems...well, every day to me, I struggle with actually thinking things in my life are interesting enough that people actually want to read about them.  I'll start out with the most important things, saying when I'm going to be in Boston for the Boston Marathon.  I'm bib 26 for those watching.  That way people in the area who want to see me know that and when I'm there.  Then I'll let the blog devolve into trying to make mundane, uninteresting things in my life seem interesting.

I'm arriving in Boston the evening of Friday, April 13 (oooh, spooky), running the race on the morning of Monday the 16th, and leaving before I see the sun on Tuesday the 17th.  I'll probably be pretty lazy and not up for much during Saturday and Sunday, and I'll probably be pretty tired on Monday afternoon and evening.  I'm going to a PowerBar Recovery Party after the race (assuming I can walk by then), although I don't know where or when that is other than somewhere in Boston sometime on Monday.  And I'll be on a plane before anybody with any complaints about my race can find me on Tuesday morning.

I'm done with the important parts of my blog, so you can all stop reading.  Seriously.  Because all I really have to say is that I'm coming off one of the most pathetic moments of my life a few days ago.  I got a first degree burn from a sock full of rice.  That's about all there is other than things like working on community presentations, training, running away from vicious turkeys, you know, the stuff that happens all the time around here.

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