Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's now mid-September
The rain is comin' down
Un'verse is abhorin'
Intervals, almost drowned
Well, the wind it rages
I'm just glad it's done
Pavement under, was no thunder
Grouling in rain

First of all, knee update.  I've been doing what I can to train enough and still recover, and I think I threaded the needle, knock on wood.  My theory is that I had a bruised tendon, and it's feeling much better.

Today I ran some intervals.  It wasn't a good day.  Given how my body felt, it wouldn't have been a good day if it was sunny and nice.  As it was, the wind, rain, and standing water on the road made a bad workout miserable.  It was like the whole Universe didn't want me to run fast today.  Oh well.  At least it wasn't a race, and these days happen.  The good news is as bad as today felt, the times weren't that bad.  They were bad, but not as bad as I might have expected.

Sorry about not getting a post on Monday (I'm looking for Monday, Friday posts, just not finding them as much as I want), but I was a little on the tired end of things.  As I said, I was doing all the training I could manage without hurting my knee more, and then I had to help pack out and skin a bear on top of that.  And the Broncos playing Monday Night Football until some terrible hour of the night didn't help.

Oh, and the last post's poem was to the meter and rhyme of 99 Red Balloons, originally by Nena, but I'm partial to the Goldfinger version.

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