Monday, July 2, 2012

Wildfires are not good. Obey fire bans.

Sorry it's been so long.  Not much noteworthy has happened lately, other than wildfires.  There is currently a wildfire in my county, but I think it's getting under control.  At least, I can't see it as well out the window anymore.  For a few nights, I could actually see flames at night, which was kind of scary.  So people know, there were no warnings to even start packing for possible evacuations where I am, but I think most people did anyways.  The fire also apparently set some sort of a speed record, and went from about 2000 acres to over 10,000 acres in just a few hours.  Anyways, they've let most of the evacuated people back to their homes, and it never got too close to me, but fires setting speed records near your home is a bit worrisome.  I've also heard rumor that the moisture content of the local living trees is lower than the moisture content of wood that one would put in a fireplace.  Plus, the weather around here right now has more lightning than rain.  So yeah, I'm really excited about people setting off fireworks for the Fourth of July.  If you are in Colorado for the Fourth (or for that matter at any time), please do not set the forest on fire.

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